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Types of Insurance

At Broad Risk, we offer a comprehensive range of general insurance services and products to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. With our expertise and access to a wide network of insurance providers, we are committed to finding the right coverage options for you. Explore our range of services below:

Broad Risk Insurance Brokers Gold Coast QLD Business Insurance
Business Insurance  >

Protect your business  from unforeseen risks with our   business   insurance solutions.   We offer  a range   of   policies  that  cover  property  damage, theft, business interruption, and more.  Our  team will work closely with you to assess your business' unique   needs   and   provide   you   with  tailored coverage.

Business Insurance
Broad Risk Insurance Brokers Gold Coast QLD Public Liability Insurance

Safeguard your business against third-party claims  for  personal  injury  or  property  damage with our Public & Products liability insurance.  We  understand  the  potential   risks   your  business  may  face, and we  will  help you find the right  policy  to  protect your financial interests.

Public & Product Liability Insurance  >
Publc Liabilty Insurance
Broad Risk Insurance Brokers Gold Coast QLD Professional Indemnity Insurance

If you provide professional services, professional indemnity insurance is essential. It protects you against claims of negligence, errors, or omissions that  may  arise  from your professional advice or services. Our team will  assist  you  in  finding the right    coverage   to   protect   your   professional reputation and financial stability.

 Professional Indemnity Insurance  >
Professional Indemnity Insurance
Broad Risk Insurance Brokers Gold Coast Management Liability Insurance

Management liability insurance covers directors, officers,   and  the  company  itself  against  claims arising from  management  decisions  or actions. It provides    protection    against   legal    costs    and damages   resulting   from  allegations  of  wrongful acts, employment practices,  and  more. Let us help you   navigate   the   complexities  of  management liability insurance.

Management Liability Insurance  >
Management Liability Insurance
Computer Store

In   today's   digital   world,   cyber   threats   are   a significant   concern   for   businesses.   Our   cyber insurance  policies  offer  protection  against  data breaches,  cyber-attacks,  and   other  cyber-related risks.  We  will  collaborate  with you to assess your cyber risks  and  provide  you  with  comprehensive coverage   to   safeguard   your  business'  sensitive information.

Cyber Insurance  >
Cyber Insurance
City View

For   commercial   property   owners,  we  offer  a comprehensive range of general insurance  services to  protect  your   valuable  assets.   Our   insurance solutions  are  tailored to meet the unique needs of commercial property owners, providing coverage for various risks and ensuring peace of mind.

Commercial Property Owners  >
Commercial Property Owners
Business Meeting

Business interruption insurance provides coverage for  lost  income  and  additional  expenses  incurred due    to     a   covered    event    that   disrupts   your
business    operations.    Our    team   will   help   you understand   the  potential  risks  and  find  the  right policy to ensure your business can recover quickly in the event of an interruption.

Business Interruption Insurance  >
Business Interruption Insurance
Contract Works Insurance 
Construction Management

If you  engage in construction or renovation projects, contract  works insurance is essential. It covers the risks associated with construction projects, including
damage   to   the  works,  materials,  and  liability  for third-party  injury  or  property  damage.  Let us help you protect your projects from unforeseen events.

Contract Works Insurance  >
Car Lot

If  your  business  operates  a  fleet  of  vehicles,  our motor   fleet   insurance   provides   comprehensive coverage   for   your   vehicles   and  drivers.  We  will collaborate   with   you   to   understand  your  fleet's unique  requirements  and  find  the   right   policy to protect your assets and mitigate risks.

Motor Fleet Insurance  >
Motor Fleet Insurance
Man Driving in Car

Whether  you  have  a single commercial vehicle or a fleet,   our   commercial   motor   insurance   offers protection against accidents,  theft, and damage . We
will  help  you  find  the  right  coverage  to keep your business moving forward.

Commercial Motor Insurance  >
Commercial Motor Insurance
Broad Risk Insurance Brokers Gold Coast QLD
Strata Title / Body Corporate Insurance  >

If   you   own   or   manage   a  strata  title  or body corporate property, our strata insurance provides comprehensive    coverage    for    common   areas, liability,  and property damage. We understand the unique needs of strata properties andwill help you find the right policy to protect your investment.

Strata Title / Body Corporate Insurance
Container Ship

If  your  business  involves  marine  operations, our marine   insurance   offers   coverage  for  vessels, cargo,    and    liabilities   associated   with   marine activities. Our team will assess your specific  needs and    provide    you    with   tailored   coverage   to
protect your marine assets.

Marine Insurance  >
Marine Insurance
Plant & Equipment Insurance
Plant Nursery

Protect  your  valuable  plant  and equipment with our plant and  equipment  insurance.  Whether you own or  lease  equipment,  we  will  help you  find  the  right coverage   to   safeguard   your   assets   against   theft, damage, and breakdowns.

Plant & Equipment Insurance  >
Female order picker

If  your  business  involves transporting goods, our goods  in transit insurance provides coverage for loss or damage to  your  goods  during  transit. We will  work  with  you  to  understand  your   specific requirements  and  find  the  right policy to protect your goods in transit.

Goods In Transit Insurance  >
Goods In Transit Insurance 
Online Shopping

Trade  credit  insurance  is  a  type of insurance that protects businesses  against  the risk of non-payment by their  customers. It  provides  coverage  for  losses
incurred   due   to   customer  insolvency,   protracted default, or political events that prevent payment. This insurance  helps  businesses  manage their credit risk
and  ensures  they  receive   payment   for   goods   or services delivered.

Trade Credit Insurance  >
Trade Credit Insurance 
Broad Risk Insurance Brokers Gold Coast QLD

Trade credit insurance typically covers both domestic and international trade transactions. It allows businesses to extend credit to their customers with confidence, knowing that they are protected in case of non-payment.  In the event  of  a  covered  loss,  the  insurer will reimburse the insured business for the outstanding debt, reducing the financial impact and safeguarding their cash flow.

The benefits of trade credit insurance include improved  cash  flow,  enhanced credit management, and increased access   to   financing.   It   also  provides  businesses  with  valuable  insights  into  the  creditworthiness  of  their customers, helping them make informed decisions about extending credit.

Broad Risk Insurance Brokers Gold Coast QLD Home Insurance

For our retail clients, we offer comprehensive home and   contents   insurance   to  protect  your  most valuable    assets.    Whether    you   own   a   house, apartment, or rental property, we will help you  find the  right  coverage  to  safeguard  your   home  and belongings.

Home & Contents Insurance  >
Home & Contents Insurance
Broad Risk Insurance Brokers Gold Coast QLD

At Broad Risk, we are committed to providing you with the highest level of service and finding the right insurance solutions for your needs.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and let us help you protect what matters most.



Broad Risk Insurance Brokers Gold Coast QLD

We  offer a  comprehensive  range  of  additional  services  to  meet the diverse
needs of our clients.  One  such service is
Property Valuations,  which  aims to
bridge the gap between valuating a commercial or retail property and ensuring
that  the  client  is  adequately  insured  for  the  correct insurance replacement

Valuating  a  property  is  an  essential  step  in  determining  its  worth, but it is
equally important to ensure that the  property  is  insured  for  the  appropriate
replacement  value.  Underinsurance  can  lead  to significant financial losses in
the event of a claim,  while  over  insurance  can result in unnecessary premium
costs.   Our   Property   Valuations   service   addresses  this  issue  by  providing
accurate and reliable assessments of a property & insurance replacement value.

Our  team  of  experienced professionals specializes in property valuations and has a deep understanding of the factors that contribute to a property & value. We consider various aspects, including the property & location, construction materials, and unique features, to determine its replacement cost accurately.

By availing our Property Valuations service, clients  can   have  peace  of  mind  knowing that their property is insured for the correct replacement value.  This  ensures  that  they  are adequately protected in the event  of  damage  or  loss,  minimizing financial risks and potential disputes with insurance providers.

It  is  important  to  note  that  our  Property  Valuations  service  is  offered  as an additional service at an additional cost. We believe  that  the  value  it  provides in terms of accurate insurance  coverage  far  outweighs  the  investment  required.  Our transparent pricing structure ensures that clients receive a fair and competitive quote for this specialized service.

Whether you own a commercial or retail property,  our  Property  Valuations  service is designed to meet your specific needs. We are committed to delivering accurate and reliable assessments that enable our clients to make informed decisions about their insurance coverage.


We  strive  to  provide  comprehensive  solutions  that  go  beyond  traditional  insurance  brokerage  services.  Our  Property Valuations service is just one example of how we aim to bridge the gap between property valuation and insurance coverage, ensuring that our clients are adequately protected and prepared for any eventuality.

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