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Free Client Review Experience #2: The Unsung Hero: How Customers and Suppliers Extension Can be the injury time winner!

Following on from my previous blog, I would like to highlight another common gap in insurance coverage that I often encounter during the free review process, the Customers and Suppliers Extension. This crucial component is frequently overlooked, akin to a bench warmer or the super sub in a sports team—the one that sits on the bench but, if utilized, could score that extra-time winner, or even clinch the game. If not selected, you might never realize you had the opportunity to leverage it in the first place.

Why Customers and Suppliers Extension is Essential

Just like in a team sport, where every player’s role is crucial to winning the game, each supplier and customer plays a vital part in the smooth operation of a business. Overlooking the Customers and Suppliers Extension is like leaving a key player on the bench—it could be the difference between overcoming a disruption smoothly or facing significant operational challenges.

The Importance of Customers and Suppliers Extension in Business Interruption Insurance

During a recent free insurance review for a client, I took a closer look at their business interruption insurance cover. I noticed they did not have a Customers and Suppliers Extension under their business interruption policy. This observation prompted me to ask some critical questions: Why was this coverage missing? Where do you get your essential supplies from? How dependent are you on these specific suppliers? Can you source materials or services from other suppliers? What would happen if an event, such as a fire, occurred at your supplier's premises and disrupted your supply?

These questions led the client to consider the potential impacts of an insured event, not just on their own business but also on their supplier’s business. It highlighted the interconnected nature of business operations and the importance of ensuring comprehensive business interruption coverage that accounts for these dependencies.

Applying These Questions Globally

These questions are not just pertinent to local businesses, they apply to any business, both locally and overseas, that relies heavily on specific suppliers. Whether your supplier is around the corner or across the globe, understanding and mitigating the risks associated with their potential disruptions is crucial for maintaining your business's stability.

Secure Your Business with Comprehensive Coverage

At Broad Risk, we aim to ensure that our clients are fully protected against all possible risks. If you haven't reviewed your business interruption coverage recently, now might be the perfect time to do so. Understanding and including the Customers and Suppliers Extension can safeguard your business from unforeseen disruptions in your supply chain.

Ready to review your insurance program? Click here to book a free appointment with Broad Risk today. Let us help you navigate the complexities of insurance and ensure you have the best possible coverage for your needs.


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